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FAQ’s for Children

What activities will we do? You can find out what activities you will be doing by clicking here.

What are the dorms like? Photo link

Who do I share with? Your teacher will ask you to put down the name of a least 1 person you want to share with.

How many are in a group? Usually there are 10 in a group

What do I need to bring with me? You can find out what you need to bring by clicking here.

What if I don’t want to do an activity? All our activities are “Challenge by Choice” you will not be forced to do any activity but all our activities are designed for children in your age group and we would really like you to try them.

What do we get to eat? Find out what you will eat at Ardmay House by cliking here.

Can I bring my mobile phone? No it is best to leave your phone at home, we don’t get a signal on all networks and we wouldn’t want you to lose or break your phone.

What time do we go to bed? Around 9:30pm, ready for lights out at 10pm.

What Activities will I be
doing at Ardmay?
Where is Ardmay?
What will I be doing
at Ardmay?
What food can we have?
Let's play some games
Childrens FAQ's
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